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Version: 3.x


Spug A lightweight agent-free automatic operation and maintenance platform designed for small and medium-sized enterprises integrates a series of functions such as host management, host batch execution, host online terminal, file online upload and download, application release and deployment, online task planning, configuration center, monitoring, alarm and so on.


  • Batch execution: Host commands are executed online in batches
  • Online Terminal: Host support online terminal login for browser
  • File management: Host file online upload and download
  • Task Scheduling: Flexible online task scheduling
  • Publish Deployment: Support custom release process
  • Configuration Center: supports configuration in KV, text, json and other formats
  • Monitoring center: Support site, port, process, custom and other monitoring
  • Alarm center: Support SMS, email, Dingtalk, wechat and other alarm methods
  • Elegant and beautiful: UI interface based on Ant Design
  • Open Source Free: The front-end and back-end code is completely open source