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Version: 3.x

Batch Execution


Contains two parts of the maintenance command template and batch remote execution command, commonly used to execute some temporary tasks such as batch installation / uninstallation of a dependency package, etc.

Execute task

One or more hosts added in the host management can be selected as the target host to execute, and the command content can be written directly or read from the saved command in the template.

Global variables

In the Shell script, the $SPUG_HOST_HOSTNAME is used to refer to, and in the Python script, the os.getenv('SPUG_HOST_HOSTNAME') can be used to refer to.

Variable nameExampleDescription
SPUG_HOST_NAMEwebserver01Host name
SPUG_HOST_HOSTNAME172.10.26.5Host IP/domain name
SPUG_SSH_PORT22SSH connection port
SPUG_SSH_USERNAMErootSSH connection user
SPUG_INTERPRETERpythonCommand interpreter

Template Management

Used to store complex, commonly used command collections for future use.