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Version: 3.x

Common Questions

The following summarizes the common questions and official answers reported in the community. It is recommended to read these answers before asking questions.

Standard installation running common problems

Please refer to the common installation problem document

Can Spug support more new features?

Of course, we are also constantly improving and developing new features, if you have any ideas, you can leave a message or contact us through the public account.

Is the password I entered secure when verifying the host?

Security, the password you entered is only used for the current key login and will not be stored anywhere or used elsewhere.

I don't need the monitoring center function, can I not start the runmonitor service?

Of course, including the task plan module, if you don't need this function, you don't need to start the runscheduler service.

I must follow the public account to use the built-in alarm service?

Yes, we provide built-in alarm services for users who are not convenient for secondary development. In order to facilitate the management of services that will not be misused, you need to configure the call credentials to use the built-in alarm service. In the event of a necessary situation, we can disable certain credentials to ensure that the service is not damaged.

Why is the built-in alarm service not open source and directly placed in the project?

因为不管是微信/邮件/短信都需要配置一些敏感信息才可以使用,例如微信的 APP_ID 邮件服务的账户密码等,所以暂无法开源。 另外我们也在系统设置的报警服务设置中提供了自定义邮件服务的相关配置,以便你使用自己的邮件服务。

Because whether it is WeChat / email / SMS, some sensitive information needs to be configured before it can be used, such as the APP_ID of WeChat, the account password of the email service, etc., so it is not open source for the time being. In addition, we also provide the relevant configuration of the custom email service in the alarm service settings of the system settings, so that you can use your own email service.