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Version: 3.x

WeChat Token



微信Token 是 Spug 提供内置服务的用户身份标识,通过该标识与微信用户建立关联,提供例如微信告警、登录两步验证等功能。 WeChat Token is the user identity of the built-in service provided by Spug. Through this identity, the relationship with the WeChat user is established, providing functions such as WeChat alarm, login two-step verification, etc.

Get ways

  1. Search (or scan the QR code below) to follow the WeChat official account Spug.
  2. Get WeChat Token in the My menu at the bottom of the official account.


  • As the credential of Spug built-in service (system settings / basic settings).
  • In the alarm module, it is used as the user identity of WeChat alarm.
  • When MFA (two-step) authentication is enabled for login, it is used as the user identity for sending verification code.


  • The same WeChat Token can be used in different modules.
  • Due to the restrictions of WeChat, you must follow the official account to receive WeChat alarm information.